Glendon Drive Developments is proposing a shopping plaza on the site of the former garage and garden centre, at the corner of Tunks Lane & Glendon Drive. I would like your opinion on the proposed site plan and drawings.
Please visit my blog to see the full set of site plan drawings, and elevation drawings of what it will look like from ground level:
Glendon Drive Developments was already allowed a reduction of minimum lot frontage from 75% to 65%, and is now asking for a further reduction to 32%. This would drastically reduce the number of building façades along Glendon Drive. Are you okay with this reduction to 32%? *

Seeing the elevation drawings, do you like how the storefronts will look? The sizes, the materials used, the signage, etc. *

Knowing that traffic lights and crosswalks will be installed at the Tunks Lane, are you satisfied with a single entrance/exit from Glendon Drive, and another single entrance/exist from Tunks Lane? *

On a scale of 1 to 6, please indicate your overall opinion of this site plan and elevation drawings. *

If you have something else you would like to say about the site plan and drawings, I would be happy to read it!

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